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Farmhouse was founded by two partners, Anne Worsøe and Martin Hauge. We met in Silicon Valley where Anne co-founded and managed Nordic Innovation House and Martin was a partner at Creandum, one of the leading Nordic venture capital firms supporting Nordic startups such as Vivino and Automile abroad. We've known each other for almost a decade, and we've been co-investing in startups since 2015. In 2019, Farmhouse acquired the pre-seed portfolio previously managed by Bakken & Bæck Invest. Through our pre-seed funds, we invest in Norwegian startups.

We're a small team with an extensive angel investor, pre-seed/seed and venture capital network. Together, we're supporting ambitious founders, trailblazers, and company-builders, solving global challenges for a big international market. We typically write the first checks of 10-100kEUR, preferably co-investing with Norwegian and international investors. We have a soft spot for purpose-driven companies and diverse teams. 

We pride ourselves on being founder-friendly and professional investors. We believe that the team working hard to build their company knows their business better than anyone else. We offer introductions, problem-solving, and mentoring on-demand, and we don't require Board-positions (but always happy to suggest stellar candidates from our network). We call Oslo, Stockholm, London and San Francisco our home, and we have a global outreach of advisors and investors to support our portfolio companies when they are ready to scale abroad. 

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Elliptic Labs
Ultrasound Gestures and Sensorless Proximity
No Isolation
Reduce loneliness and social isolation through warm technology.
Solar power done easy
Our AI help you stay ahead of your customers.
Research discovery with artificial intelligence
Real-time content infrastructure
Insurance for digital nomads
Drone autonomy software
Decentralised platform that verifies people's skills
Robo-advisor and digital platform for wealth management
Connecting nature and technology
Handle investor relations processes like a pro.
The Nordic Web Ventures
Angel Fund run by Neil S W Murray, backed by 50+ community builders, entrepreneurs and investors.
IoT for consumers
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*Some investments are registered through our holding companies. The investment in Otovo is exited. Some of our investments are undisclosed. 


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